About Us

Who is Helen Exley?    

Helen Exley® London, is an independent Giftbook Publisher that was conceived by Helen Exley and her husband Richard in 1976. Helen still works on every single book that we produce and both travel to many exhibitions worldwide.  Helen and Richard had always worked for charities, including Oxfam and Help the Aged, mainly raising funds and preparing campaign documents for overseas aid causes.

 They began working together helping and campaigning in South Africa against apartheid.
And they have worked together since the day they married; the company really
started with their joint aim of trying to help and understand people. Their first
Giftbook, 'Grandmas and Grandpas' was put together on their kitchen table.
Now there are small team of people on the editing and design side helping Helen design, proof and check her books but Helen has full editorial control and still likes to do her editing on the same kitchen table!

Helen Exley is the C.E.O and Editor-in-Chief. She works closely with our Head of Design on every book, gift and stationery item, and each is created with great care and attention. Helen has collected a vast body ofover half a million beautiful, thoughtful, witty or wise quotations throughout her life, and each time she creates a new book she reads the relevant subject again and only
the best make it into the final publication. Helen has edited and we have published over 1000 titles since the Company began over 40 years ago.