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Helen Exley® LONDON

Be Happy!

Be Happy!

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"Be Happy!" encourages us to experience more happiness through simple, everyday moments; notice and appreciate the little things, and focus on positive things. Make time to really see the world around you and enjoy the journey of life. Feel inspired to smile, laugh, dance, and sing. Reawaken to the beauty of life and look for bright skies.

"Be Happy!": a positive, inspiring collection of quotations to uplift your mood and perspective on life.

A major part of Helen Exley's work has been to bring inspiration and positivity to as many people as possible. In this book, she drew on the finest words in her personal collection to carefully select, from over 300,000 quotes, the most positive and inspiring words.  

Illustrated and printed in colour throughout. Inspiring quotes from a wide range of sources, such as Anne Frank, Oscar Wilde, Amanda Bell and John Lennon.

Enjoy the little things in life.
There may come a time
when you realise
they were the big things.



96 Pages

Dimensions: 135mm x 111mm x 12mm


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